Oct 03, 2018

A Guide to Choosing a Reliable Pest Control Company

A pest control treatment is commonly perceived as follows: a man wearing a respirator comes in, sprays stuff around and leaves.

In real time a complete pest control inspection and a respective pest extermination service are very substantial procedures. They can be conditionally divided into several important stages.

Phases of a pest control treatment

A proper pest control company will create an appointment with an experienced pest inspector first. The initial inspection should pay particular attention to the areas where parasites may appear.

Discover Their Entry Places

Identifying the potential and actual points of entry is key. Finding harbourages that might provoke pest infestations will regulate the plan of further action. An inspection will discover weak spots in how you currently handle pest situation.

The following procedure is to discover the parasite and its infestation spot. The inspector will point out the set of preventative actions to keep pests away.

Maintain Your Home

Structural maintenance (shutting down entry points) will allow to physically keep the pests out. Chemically active countermeasures can be avoided this way.

Harbourage Areas

Locating what attracts the particularly active parasites locally is a principal step amongst preventative measures. It can be some kind of odor. Maybe there is a garbage or moisture accumulation around?


When the pest is pointed at correctly and the scale of the infestation is determined - the pest control professional discusses the upcoming pest extermination session, the specifications of the facility, the application materials and the timing.

Treatment Selection

The selection of treatment is made upon the initial examination is complete. Determining the right methods of extermination and the right materials for the right places is made. Some chemicals can be actually inappropriate for certain cases. This way a pest inspector should avoid extensive application of volatile materials when it is not necessary.

The Treatment

The inspector plans out the visit. The planning includes:

  • appointing the right day and the right time for the client
  • making sure no one is home
  • determining agents that can potentially irritate allergic family members
  • baits and traps setups
  • application of the material.


A reliable pest control technician fills in and provides a copy of a detailed pest inspection report. It allows for the future adjustments and proper metrics of the results.


Pest control is a lasting ongoing process. Rarely does it happen that one pest extermination treatment runs plenty. Regular inspection visits are established and planned to provide continuous lasting result and further prevention. Revisits are usually planned on weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Choosing the Right one for you

Picking a pest control may seem totally unnecessary. It looks like you could pick at random. When you get into details though, you can see things much more clearly. Oracle pest control is Sydney’s most reliable and consistent pest eradication company. We’ve earned our reputation well and are proud of the results. Oracle puts customer’s interests first in order to:

  • prepare for and handle the pest control inspection properly
  • avoid overload of material application and lower the toxicity
  • determine the right pest and locate the epicenter of infestation
  • form the correct amounts of materials for applications in the right places
  • monitor the results
  • maintain the pest control at the facility.