Our Services

Oracle Pest Control and Hygiene Services

Oracle services of home local pest control are the best at eliminating pests. The house and commercial pest control we provide includes:

  • residential pest control
  • complimentary pest inspections
  • fumigation
  • biosecurity
  • hygienic cleaning services

Parasites Oracle eradicates

Oracle team takes care of the purity of your place, keeping it pest free. Oracle hygiene service and pest inspection will terminate the following pests from your private or office facility and the adjoining territory

  • mosquitoes
  • moth
  • wasps
  • beetles
  • bees
  • flies
  • hornets
  • mice
  • rats
  • cockroaches
  • wood termites
  • bed bugs
  • bats
  • poisonous spiders
  • red and brown ants
  • fleas
  • ticks

Friendly to the Environment

All of the treatments are conducted under the strict supervision of well instructed and comprehensively trained pest inspectors. All treatments are performed with environmentally friendly products, that comply with Safety Data Sheets. Technicians will complete a thorough service report in order to track the progress and improve the follow-up visit if the latter is necessary. To provide expedient elimination of pesky parasite infestations technicians at Oracle utilize flying Insect control units, ultraviolet light insect catching devices, bird netting, spike installations, rodent bait stations and gels, the latest generation, low toxicity chemicals and pesticide formulations.

Australian hygiene services

Due to its location specificity and the humid subtropical climate Sydney area can unfortunately be found as a great place for a shelter by many small animals and insects. With mountains on one side and a seashore from the other, it can be a challenge for numerous private and office buildings to keep their facilities pest free. Hygiene services are very popular in Sydney. One thing that sets this city apart from others in Australia is the vast area and the huge variety of enterprises that take up buildings all over the city. With all the yearly incoming multicultural immigrants keeping Sydney very sanitary becomes more and more challenging every day. Hygiene bins and hygiene service grow their demand and popularity rapidly. Washroom hygiene services took a large part of Oracle`s order statistics earlier this year.

The Hygiene Services on the List

Oracle Hygiene services may be applied to either private residential area or an office business facility. The set of the professional cleaning services includes:

  1. fragrance and odor control
  2. washroom services
  3. baby care solutions
  4. hand washing and drying
  5. bathroom and urinary care
  6. medical waste and sharps disposal
  7. home cleaning services
  8. gym cleaning
  9. office building cleaning services.