Medical Waste Sharps Disposal

Oracle Medical Waste Disposal Solutions Sydney

Oracle medical waste disposal services are ideal solutions for medical establishments, nursing homes and hospitals. Sharps waste and biomedical waste are two main types of residuals Oracle manages. We dispose the following materials:

  • diabetic needles
  • empty syringes
  • lancets
  • glass
  • sharp plastic
  • scissors
  • scalpels
  • infusion sets
  • connection needles
  • used/broken injection ampules
  • other non-liquid medical waste

There are according containers for different shapes or sharps for proper medical waste disposal.

These are the spheres that successfully implement Oracle`s Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal Service:

  • tattoo salons
  • dental clinics
  • piercing studios
  • veterinarian centers
  • sharps manufacturers
  • home nurses and caregivers
  • drugstores and pharmacies

High Significance of Proper Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal

Medical Sharps and Medical Waste should be utilized in according, lawful manner. If it is not done properly, a few serious consequent problems may arise:

  • legal problems
  • health problems

Proper sharps disposal should be key to any medical establishment. Call in for a quote and availability hours.