Sharp Control

Sharp Control in Sydney

In any country biomedical sharps control and disposal have to be organized and properly conducted on the regular basis. The state/government does not take responsibility for it. A medical facility using medical sharp one time use instruments is obliged to do that though. Used glass ampoules, disposable scalpels and blades, syringes, hypodermic needles - all of these materials are categorized as sharps that have to be specifically utilized in a certain way.

Sharps Container and Sharps Bin Disposal

An average citizen may wonder why syringes, that are quite commonly used at private homes for injections have to be disposed in a certain manner and why throwing them in a common dust bin does not work. First biomedical scalpels and syringes with the needles still on can easily pierce through the trash bags and hurt numerous people who handle trash. Secondly we have to keep that in our mind that a syringe that has been used and have not been protected or disposed properly can contaminate a person who may accidentally come in contact with needles sticking out.