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Oracle - Community-Trusted Experts in Sydney, Australia

A cleaning company is not a rarity in Sydney. Due to its location specificity and the humid climate Sydney has become a very likely harbourage area for pests like termites, mice, cockroaches, rats, wasps, bees, ants, bats, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, moth, spiders, hornets, etc. All of these parasites are mostly unwanted guests in our customers homes and office buildings.

Cleaning Company

Hiring a respectable cleaning company is essential for reputation of any kind of establishment, no matter the activity sphere. Whether it is a restaurant, a bar, a clinic, a home, a kindergarten, a school, an office of an insurance company, a gas station - a cockroach or a rat can be very unsightly for the customers and can impact the reputation of this establishment considerably. Along with pest inspection Oracle offers a professional cleaning service. Perfect and timely, expert cleaning has never been more accurate.

Oracle Team: What We Clean Professionally

Oracle is a team of highly-trained professionals, who understand their consumer needs and follow their preferences. We keep your home and office clean and pristine for your health and well-being. Our service is outstanding, our prices are affordable. We clean the following with dedication:

  • private homes, multi-storeyed residential areas, adjoining buildings and yards
  • business buildings and facilities, offices
  • restaurants, cafes, bars
  • kindergartens, nurseries
  • hospitals, nursing homes
  • gyms

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Thanks to modern cleaning tools and equipment as well as latest generation cleaning detergents Oracle provides a high-quality complete cleaning service, delivering it on time and providing the best results. It does not matter if you live in a house, townhome, condo or apartment, a well cleaned environment is key to a healthy well being and family. Our cleaning professionals will do the best they can so that your home or office looked its best.

Clean Surfaces from Oracle Professional Cleaning

Our technicians are well trained and are able to perform their job in the shortest period of time. Upon returning to your office or home you will discover:

  • clean bedrooms and beds that have been done
  • cleaned window ledges
  • clean staircases
  • dusted and pristine surfaces
  • pristine electronic switches
  • clean shelves and door knobs
  • pillows, books and magazines that have been put back into their places
  • wiped down electronics
  • vacuumed carpets
  • mopped flooring
  • empty trash bins.

Call in for a free quote and enjoy Oracle committed cleaning and pest control services.