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Rodents - are the type of pests that are mammals by nature and are characterized by a pair of constantly growing teeth (incisors). Needless to say that besides the natural feeding habit they are forced to nibble on something all the time due to the growing teeth. Being the most diverse mammal - rodents are spread through every continent with exception of Antarctica. Naturally these small animals with strong muscular bodies and sharp teeth use their main instrument to scrunch food, make holes and fight if necessary.

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Rodents are an exquisite member of Australia, being the only mammal who inhabited the continent without the initial human intrusion. Sense, hearing and vision are very well-developed in these animals. Even though rodents are considered an important key of the ecosystem chain, they are very familiar with humans.

Rodent Removal

Having the constantly growing strong teeth a rodent is physically forced to gnaw something all the time so that the teeth did not have a chance to grow in and damage the skull. Rats and mice are the types of rodents that are most often found among humans, in and around their homes. Their advanced cognitive abilities make rodents a hard animal to catch for an average willing to do so.

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Oracle team knows how to approach and battle the rodent problem the best possible way. Call in and apply for initial pest inspection. Oracle technician will visit the sight, exploring the inside and outside of the building. He will discuss the details with the customer and fill out a detailed plan on the rodent control treatment.