Pest Control Supplies

Keep Pests at bay With Oracle Eco-Friendly Pesticide Supplies

Oracle technicians team uses the most modern science achievements and chemical low-toxicity formulas to implement new and innovative products into the pest treatment process. This way Oracle can protect your privacy with a pest treatment strategy according to the peculiar needs every time. Each and every residence is special. This is why Oracle presents every customer with a plan, created in close accordance with the inspection.

Initial Oracle Pest Control Examination

Inspections are normally carried out by Oracle team technicians. They fill out a detailed service report. This specific report will include:

  • enumeration of pests to be serviced
  • service frequency
  • areas serviced
  • particular types of services that have been performed
  • products that have been used
  • chemical batch numbers
  • maintenance and hygiene recommendations
  • additional services performed

Professional Oracle Pest Inspection and Treatment in Sydney

Pest control is done in several ways. These three remain the major ones: biological, physical and mechanical pest control/eradication. In the case of a mechanical treatment technicians use certain equipment and devices like netting and baits. Commercial or private, residential pest control treatment is about providing comprehensive approach in the process and ensuring an environment free of parasites for the commercial agent and his customers.

Pest Control Supplies and Equipment

Each treatment - commercial or residential - is one of a kind and heavily depends on the potential pest and the environment of the facility itself and the adjoining area. A standard pest treatment typically begins with pest spray application where pests potentially have the biggest harbourages: floor drains, under the counters and entry points. The inspector will monitor the potential harbourage areas.

Pest Equipment and Pest Products

A specialist will imply tools such as monitoring devices, flashlight and bait stations to examine the area to any signs of pest activity. Another form of sanitary treatments from Oracle is Bio foam drain treatment. Bio foam is made to break down drain scum, remove odor, organic buildup. Some pests like fruit flies and drain flies can live in these organic rich environments.

Pest Control Devices

If parasite activity is found, the specialist fixes the situation right away. In hard to reach or impossible to reach areas the technician will apply a long term residual material to prevent any pest from appearing.

Pest Control Supplies

During practically any pest control treatment it is as important to focus on the exterior of the building as on the interior. Oracle does its best to prevent the infestation outside before the pest enters the inside of the facility. The strong focus is set on entry ways. The technician makes material applications to trash bins and other likely areas for pests to harbour. The types and consistencies of each pest control product vary and heavily depend on the pest pathway, pest type and how big infestation is.

Oracle Will Implement a Site Service Record

Upon completion of the service the technician will provide a service report, outlining the treatments that have been done and providing you with answers to any questions you may have.