Oracle - Sydney’s Loyal Pest Control Company

A professional pest control company calls insects, fungus, plants or animals that are troublesome or invasive - pests. The chemicals that are applied to infected areas to treat unwanted fleas, bees, bugs and spiders are called pesticides.

Oracle Eradicates Pest Activity

Oracle carries out the most thorough pest inspections that include elimination of:

  • spiders, ants, termites
  • cockroaches, moth
  • hornets, wasps, flies, bees, beetle, mosquitoes
  • rats, bats, mice
  • bed bugs and ticks
  • fleas

Pest control, hygiene, sanitary and cleaning services are key to general well-being, proper home maintenance and a healthy family.

Get rid of Parasites

There are several big reasons and a few minor why an owner of a contaminated residential or commercial space should consider using a pest control service. First and foremost - the health. The amount of issues that can arise due to pest invasion is a big number:

  • respiratory allergies (due to bed bugs, ticks and the remains of their bodies)
  • multiple infectious, often deadly, diseases (due to rat bites)
  • encephalitis (fleas bites)
  • anaphylactic shock as a result of multiple stings by hornets
  • bacteria, parasites and viruses are carried around by mice
  • malaria bites from mosquitoes
  • Quincke's Edema due to a bee sting
  • ebola virus that may result from bat bites
  • recluse widow spider bites may cause necrosis in humans

The list goes on. Human health is not the only important reason to hire a reliable pest control company for eradication treatments.

Commercial Pest Control

Animals, insects, fungus are called pests when they prompt damage to pets, crops or humans. A mention should be made to business areas and office facilities that get contaminated by pest infestation. Major and minor signs of parasite activity (depending on the type of business) may turn a customer’s head the other way at the smallest untimely sight of a cockroach or a rat. Rodent control, cockroach control, fleas control, moth eradication, termination of cockroaches, ant infestation control, ticks and bed bug control, flies, wasps, bees control, bat control, mosquito and fly termination, spider eradication - are the Oracle services that practically any business establishment needs at some point in time. Restaurants, cafes, bars may be breaking a couple health code laws by retaining or overlooking any pest activity in their facility or in the adjoining area.

Oracle Team Prerogative

Our advantage among other pest control solutions around Sydney area is the ultimate Oracle Site Service Record. The inspector from Oracle team will visit the site, heavily inspect the area and provide:

  • technical license and according company insurances
  • environmentally friendly low-toxicity S.D.S. supported chemicals
  • pest monitoring sheets (depicting the specific pest activity and control progress)
  • manufacturer declarations
  • service reports and site maps
  • AQIS approvals