Carpet Beetles

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Identifying Carpet Beetles

There are a number of species of carpet beetles, though the most common is Variegated Carpet Beetle. They are a relatively innocuous insect, however their larvae can cause extensive damage to natural fibres like wool and cotton. That means they often attack clothing, furniture, floor and wall coverings, and much more.

Where the Pest is Found

Carpet beetles are around 5mm long and most commonly dark in colour. They are often found near windowsills, as they are attracted to light. They have wings, a hard exterior shell, six legs, and two antennae. The eggs are tiny white specks, around half a millimetre long and are therefore hard to spot. The larvae may look like an especially hairy beetle and can be found within carpets, clothing, and furniture.

Getting on top of a carpet beetle infestation quickly is a must. If you do not seek treatment, the larvae can cause extensive damage to your possessions.

Carpet Beetle Traits

Exploring the Distinctive Characteristics and Habits


Half a centimetre long


Usually black but can be different colours


Six legs


Two antennae


Often found on windowsills


The Carpet Beetle Species

Carpet Beetles

Regularly found on windowsills or upon carpets. They can also be found outside, usually on or inside trees and hollows.
Carpet Beetles


Either white or transparent and usually half a millimetre long. They may be found in lint buildups, under furniture, or in heating and cooling ducts.


Larvae will avoid light so are usually found in the same places as eggs, particularly under furniture or in wardrobes, where they can feast on natural fibres.

Treatment Options for Carpet Beetles


Professional Pest Control

Consult a pest control expert for carpet beetle infestations. Our expert technicians can locate and eliminate an infestation rapidly and comprehensively.


Insecticide sprays

The most effective treatment for carpet beetles often involves insecticide sprays. These will be used in the problem areas, as well as spots where eggs and larvae are present.



Dust insecticides are effective in a number of different areas, and will quickly kill carpet beetles, as well as their eggs and destructive larvae.

Carpet Beetle Prevention Tips


Regular inspections

It’s important to regularly inspect the interior of your home or business, checking for any signs of carpet beetles, particularly if you have had an infestation in the past.


Vacuum consistently

Regular vacuuming of carpeted areas and underneath furniture will ensure you remove beetles or larvae, and that there is less lint for them to feed on.


Move and inspect furniture

Move and check underneath furniture on a regular basis, keeping an eye out for larvae in particular.


Seal clothing properly

It’s important to seal your clothing if you are storing it for some time, such as over summer or winter. This will keep larvae from eating away at your jackets and jumpers.


Check flowers

If you are bringing flowers into your home, check them thoroughly for carpet beetles, as this is a common way they are transported into homes.

A Combination of Treatment and Prevention is Essential

At Oracle Services, we know that preventing a carpet beetle infestation is always a better option than trying to get rid of them once their larvae are eating away at your furniture and clothes. This is exactly why expert pest inspections and quality preventative methods are essential. Our team of technicians apply all of their skills and knowledge to discover and eliminate carpet beetle infestations at home or in a commercial setting, before they become a big problem.


Our Carpet Beetle Treatment Process

Step 1


The first step is a thorough inspection of your home or business. We’ll take the time to identify the source and problem areas.

Step 2


Once we have completed the inspection and identified the source of your carpet beetle infestation, we’ll consult with you regarding an effective treatment.

Step 3


We’ll plan the most efficient strategy to eliminate the beetles, eggs, and larvae, and prevent them from returning later on.

Step 4


Our expert technicians will execute our pest control plan to maximum effect, eliminating beetles, larvae and eggs with the use of effective green treatments.

Step 5


Once we’ve completed our pest control service, we will provide you with a plan to help prevent a re-infestation in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we get asked about pest control for carpet beetles.

Carpet beetles are attracted to light, which is why they often appear near windowsills. Their larvae feed on natural fibres, and they’ll often appear around clothing and furniture.
Insecticide sprays are the most effective treatment option for eliminating carpet beetles. They eliminate beetles, eggs, and larvae in a swfit and efficient manner.
Follow the preventative tips we mentioned earlier to stop carpet beetles from invading and damaging your furniture or clothing. That means vacuuming regularly, checking underneath furniture, and sealing your clothing.

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